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Arches National Park in Utah

Just north of Moab, Utah, lies Arches National Park, home to thousands of natural sandstone arches that are a geological wonder for visitors to take in alongside the scenic Colorado River. Whether you're a hiker looking for an adventurous new trail or just looking for a scenic drive for the weekend, Arches National Park offers experiences for just about everyone's wishes, plus some you've never imagined.

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Tours in Arches National Park

Arches National Park is easy to explore on your own, but sometimes, you want to be able to take in the sights around you rather than being stuck behind the wheel and driving. Be sure to contact the Arches Visitor Center about tours that will allow a professional who knows this national park like the back of their hand to help you soak up the scenery. A tour professional can also help assist on the trails through the park, affording you some safety as you take in sights like the Delicate Arch, a massive, red-hued geological wonder. After all, you want to really take in your surroundings when you're on vacation.

Tours in Arches National Park
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Timed Entry Reservations

If you're driving yourself to Arches, you'll need to be aware of timed entry reservations. This is part of a newly implemented system to help manage traffic and improve visitor experiences. Just a few things to be aware of when booking these reservations for any national park:

  • Reservations for a timed entry ticket need to be made months in advance
  • You can enter the park without a timed entry reservation before 6 AM, or after 5 PM.
  • Guided Van Tours do not require you to obtain a timed entry reservation.
All About Timed Entry Reservations
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Exploring Arches National Park in Your Own Vehicle

Driving your vehicle into Arches National Park is a great way to allow yourself to explore trails a little further off the highway, such as Delicate Arch or Landscape Arch. Ensure you read up on the timed entry reservation system to drive yourself into Arches.

Tips For Driving through Arches National Park
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Best Times to Visit Arches National Park

When it comes to visiting any national park, you'll have to consider your preferences. Moab, Utah, has a lot of variety when it comes to climate, so it's important to consider the weather and time of year in which you and your fellow campers or visitors will feel the most comfortable. The time of year will also impact the size of the crowds, so if you want a little more seclusion, you may want to aim for an off-season visit to Arches National Park.

Best Times to Visit
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Arches National Park Weather

With a desert landscape, you may be quick to think that Southeast Utah becomes a fiery furnace once that sun is blazing. While this may be the case on some days, it's not always the situation. Arches is located in the "high desert" of Southeastern Utah, meaning temperatures have wide fluctuations all year long.

Arches Weather and Best Times To Visit
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Arches National Park Camping

Once you enter Arches National Park, you might discover you want to stay for days. The good news is that there are campgrounds available within Arches and other surrounding parks. Some of these campgrounds come equipped with certain amenities like picnic tables and firepits to truly make the most of the night sky with a roaring campfire.

Camping Options In Arches National Park
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Lodging Near Arches

Choices, choices, choices. There are several lodging options from the campsites at Arches to surrounding accommodations. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to make your reservations early, assuring that you can take in everything from Devils Garden to the mighty Colorado River without worrying about where you're going to rest your head at night.

Best Lodging Options Near Arches
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Best Hikes in Arches

You’re in Arches National Park. Any hike will be amazing. However, we have a list of favorites that we’re willing to share.

Moab Arches National Park Hoohdoos

Pictures of the Park

Arches National Park is regarded as one of the most picturesque geological wonders in the United States. You've probably seen the pictures of these massive formations and gasped. Just imagine seeing them in person. If you're still uncertain, be sure to take a look at a few more of these natural stone arches to get yourself braced for the sights of the Moab desert.

Moab Arches National Park Delicate

Arches in Arches National Park

Arches, upon arches, upon arches, all in Arches National Park. Beyond the internationally recognized Devils Garden and Delicate Arch, a gateway resulting from millenniums of erosion to rock formations is something to truly behold. These natural wonders only become more picturesque under the night sky, with no light pollution to take away from the stars above.

Moab Arches National Park Formation

Facts about the Park

They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but that’s not how it feels when you’re the one asking the question. We’ve compiled a list of Arches National Park facts that may answer all your questions plus some you haven’t even thought of yet.

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How are Arches Formed?

These beautiful big rocks are a remarkable work of natural architecture. Here's a little information about how those arches have come to be.

Arches National Park Map

Arches National Park Map

With so many trails and natural wonders to take in, it's best to get an idea of not only the major destinations but also some of the unknown sights that await you at Arches National Park. This will give you an opportunity to form an itinerary before you arrive at Arches.

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Most Popular Arches National Park Tours

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