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Moab Off-Road Got a Whole New Ride
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Electric Bike Rental Tours in Moab, Utah

Feel the freedom of flying on two electric wheels over some of Moab, Utah’s most iconic backroads. If you can ride a bike, you’re going to feel right at home on an electric dirtbike in Moab. Perhaps the easiest of Moab’s off-road tours leads to a majestic overlook of the Colorado River - a scene straight out of the movies. Going off-road in Moab doesn’t have to be noisy, overpowered, and fueled by fumes!

The Gemini Bridges 4x4 trail is no less spectacular, flanked by sandstone spires, open plateaus, cliffs, canyons, and natural stone bridges spanning the canyon below.

As a guided tour, you don’t have to worry about getting there and back again on your own - or even worry about navigating anything more than the dirt right in front of you. Discover the future of all-terrain vehicles with the majesty of Moab as your playground.

Electric Dirt Bike Tours in Moab, Utah

Electric dirt bike tour near Gemini Bridges

Electric Dirt Bike Tour - Gemini Bridges

Begin your ride by climbing the thrilling switchbacks up the side of the mountain with stunning views of the Moab Valley. Then bike your way into a majestic canyon with sandstone spires on either side as you approach the Gemini Bridges.

  • Duration: 2.5 Hrs
  • Departure Times: 2pm
  • Season: March - October
ADULT (18+)
YOUTH (12)
Overlooking the Colorado River

Electric Dirt Bike Tour - Colorado River Overlook

This 20-mile electric dirt bike adventure follows the Colorado River to one of the most scenic and photographed overlooks in the Moab region, including views into Canyonlands National Park.

  • Duration: 2-3 Hrs
  • Departure Times: 9:00 am
  • Season: March - October
ADULT (18+)
YOUTH (12)

Moab Electric Dirt Bike Tours Reviews

Rated 4.9 stars out of 6251 Total Reviews

Epic (and Quiet!) Dirt Fun in Moab!

Nathan C.
Our family of four (2 adults, and 2 teens) had a great time recently on an adventure with whisper-quiet electric dirt bikes to explore the famous Gemini Bridges. The bikes were easy to use, and our guide was excellent in giving us a quick tutorial and ensuring that we were all comfortable before we started the tour. It’s a fun afternoon of quietly zipping along the canyon walls and taking in the awesome scenery. Highly recommended tour to take while you’re in Moab!

Easily the best part of my trip to Moab!

Ryan J.
If you visited Moab and didn't get to take this tour, turn around and go back! Growing up riding dirt bikes, I was initially skeptical of how the e-bikes would handle... I was shocked at how well they performed. From the staff's deep appreciation for the area to the unreal views, I'll definitely be back to experience Moab like this again.
Moab E-Dirtbike Guided Tours

The Future of All-Terrain Vehicles?

Dirt bikes are all terrain vehicles without really being considered ATV's - and with only two wheels they can't be 4x4's... and come to think of it, going "off-roading" doesn't literally mean going off road...

None of that matters when you're all charged up and flying down the most spectacular backroads in Moab, Utah on a brand new e-dirt bike.

e-dirtbike Moab map
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