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150 Million Years in the Making
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Arches National Park Tours

Arches National Park is one of five National Parks in Utah. Each of these "Mighty Five" parks claims its own way of showcasing the magnificent geologic diversity of the Colorado Plateau. Arches National Park Tours showcase the more accessible of more than 2,000 arches - the highest concentration of arches on the planet. Driving and hiking through this Jurassic aged wonderland provides a glimpse back in time when gentle geologic forces from deep below the surface bulged upward to crack the surface sandstones into fins. Telling you the secret of how these fins of sandstone then became delicate ribbons of stone suspended in mid-air is a mystery we will leave for the tour. Step right this way!

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Arches National Park Sunset Tour

Arches National Park Sunset Discovery

See Arches National Park at its best- during sunset! Take this scenic bus tour and see all the best sights from the comfort of our tour bus. With easy walking paths as the primary focus of the sunset tour, it's perfect trip for all ages.

  • Duration: Approximately 4 hrs
  • Departure Times: Times vary depending on sunset.
  • Season: Year Round
ADULT (13+)
YOUTH (5-12)
Arches National Park Morning Adventure

Arches National Park Morning Adventure

Explore Arches National Park in the glow of morning light. The morning adventure is for those wanting to explore off the paved walkways and onto the rocks a little more. Take this scenic bus tour to enjoy guided hikes to all the best sights.

  • Duration: Approximately 4 hrs
  • Departure Times: 7:00 AM (Departure times can vary by season.)
  • Season: Year Round
ADULT (13+)
YOUTH (5-12)
Arches and towers air tour

Arches National Park Airplane Tour

Fly over spectacular formations such as Courthouse Towers, North and South Window Arches, Delicate Arch, Devil's Garden, the Colorado River, Fisher Towers, and Castle Valley. Youth 2 and under fly free on a parent's lap. (2 person minimum per flight)

  • Duration: Approximately 30 min
  • Departure Times: 10:30 AM
  • Season: Year Round
ADULT (13+)
YOUTH (3-12)

Arches National Park Tour Reviews

Rated 4.9 stars out of 6473 Total Reviews

Great Arches experience

Heidi S.
We went to the Arches National Park on Tues Mar 14. Our tour guide, Kim, was not only very knowledgeable, but she made sure to relate to a 10 yr old, keeping him engaged the whole time. She also gave us suggestions of places to see after we were done with the tour. She was fantastic!

The best way to see Arches National Park

This is the place to go for river rafting, canyoneering and repelling, rock climbing, and other death-defying activities. The shop is the meeting place for many of their adventures; meet your guide and pick up your gear. We went for a less heart-pounding but excellent small bus tour of Arches National Park. A guided tour is the best way to see the park. Our guide, Dave, had a comprehensive knowledge of the park. He knew the best places to view and he knew the history of the park and stories about what we were seeing. He even taught us a new word, “pareidolia” which means the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. Easily translated, it means seeing faces or animal shapes in rock formations. The Arches are filled with these formations.
Arches Stamp

Desert Solitaire & Arches Park

Arches National Monument was set aside in 1929 when Ed Abbey, famed monkey wrencher for the environmental movement, was just a babe. By the late 1960's Arches was prepping a promotion from "monument" to "park" and Abbey was right there in the lonely backcountry working as the one-and-only backcountry ranger. Abbey's time spent in the desert (feeling conflicted about keeping it to himself and sharing the beauty of arches with the "tourists") is cleverly documented in his nationwide-environmental-cult-inducing book "Desert Solitaire".

Arches National Park boasts the highest density of natural arches in the world with more than 2,000 - 43 of which have collapsed since 1977. 150 million years in the making, and we are lucky enough to see the show!

Arches National Park map

Frequently Asked Questions about Arches National Park Tours

What can I expect to see during my tour through Arches NP?

Our guided Arches National Park Tours take guests to all of the major highlights of the park. You can expect to see staples such as Balance Rock, the Windows and Devil’s Garden sections, and a viewpoint of Delicate Arch (not the actual hike to Delicate Arch). Each tour can vary depending on the group and may include stops not mentioned above.

Do I need to obtain my own timed entry pass or pay my own park entrance fee for the tour?

You will not need a timed-entry pass to enter the park or entrance fees while on our tour. If you wish to enter the park before or after your guided tour, you will need to set up your own timed entry pass as well as pay your individual entrance fee. You can read more about Arches National Park timed entry reservations here.

What physical requirements are expected during my tour?

Our Arches National Park tours include several easy to moderate walks through different sections of the park. For guest safety, all participants in the tour must exit the bus and remain with the tour group at each stop

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