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Best Tours in Moab

Moab, Utah, has so much to offer people from all over, and there's probably not enough time for a visitor to take in everything from the downtown hospitality to the natural wonders of Eastern Utah. As a highly desired destination for adventurers, hikers, and everyone in between, there's so much about Moab's natural wonders that draws in the crowds. With national parks embracing the majesty of this great state, it's easy for visitors to get lost in what the region has to offer. However, we've hand-picked a few of our favorites that will make sure that you get the most out of your Moab experience.

Scenic Byway 128 Colorado River

Tours on the Colorado River

Many tours in Moab, Utah, are focused on the majestic Colorado River. As the sixth-longest river in the United States, the Colorado River offers wondrous tours that allow you to soak in the incredible water while taking in the one-of-a-kind red rock landscape of Utah's desert region. These tours and activities are designed for people of all ages and of all different physical skill levels to truly enjoy the attractions of Moab. Colorado River tours allow visitors to take in everything that national parks and other parts of Eastern Utah have to offer, based on their desired pace and the amount of time they wish to dedicate to riding the waves.

River rafting tours provide high adrenaline whitewater treks for adventurers looking for a rush, but there are also mild and medium floats that are more about taking in the scenery than a high level of activity. You can take up half or your whole day in Moab or even opt for an overnight tour to gaze at the night sky above. If rafting isn't your flow, jet boat tours are designed to enhance the splash and thrill of the rapids without the strain of rowing. With a sunset tour of the red rocks of Arches National Park or a nighttime float through Canyonlands National Park, you're guaranteed a one-of-a-kind experience you'll remember for a lifetime.

Moab Rafting Tours

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Moab Utah Jeep Spire

Off-Road Adventures in Moab

One of the more popular Moab tours is from the back of an off-road vehicle, taking in the thrills and excitement of climbing up and over steep slickrock fins. After all, Moab is considered a capital city for 4x4 riding. The landscape is incredible and has made Moab a desired destination for 4-wheeling aficionados across the U.S. and the globe. You and your friends, your loved ones, or fellow travelers can take a new approach to viewing this unique scenery, exploring majestic canyons with the help of the pros who know the region like the back of their hands. This insight only amplifies the views and the natural architecture.

Hummer tours are actually among the more popular options for off-road adventures. You wouldn't think of a Hummer for off-roading, but they are designed for the perfect 4x4 safari adventure across the slickrock surface. Plus, it's one of the best ways to take on the Hell's Revenge trail. If riding in a Hummer isn't your style, there's always a ride on the rocks through Jeep tours available in the area. Safaris throughout the parks can range from just a few hours to an all-day journey to take in the unbelievable natural architecture of the Moab region. This makes for a great opportunity for travelers of all ages!

Moab Off Road Tours

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Arches National Park Summer Window

National Park Tours

Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are among some of the greatest natural wonders in the United States. Sprawling for acres with brilliant geological structures and picturesque views, experienced guides can show you the highlights of these parks and give you some insight into the history of the Moab area, from its original settlers to what has become a destination for visitors across North America and the world. Beyond the natural carvings, these are also top locations to soak in the unencumbered night sky for stargazing that looks like it's out of a storybook. That's because of an emphasis by officials to eliminate light pollution, which blocks the brightest stars from shining above.

As a glimpse into nature's carvings and the statehood of the Beehive State, these national park tours can involve a hike through the Colorado plateau, but they do afford visitors time off their feet to truly take in the state of Utah. Scenic bus tours through the parks at sunrise or sunset bring out the absolute unspoiled beauty of the red rocks and Eastern Utah's natural landscape. If you're not feeling up for the hike or even a bus tour through the area, you can take a quick ride aboard a helicopter for an aerial view of these standouts amongst the "Mighty Five" national parks.

National Parks Tours

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Moab Canyoneering Chandler

Other Moab Adventures

A tour company will emphasize all of the natural wonders that these parks in Moab have to offer. However, there are even more opportunities that await in Eastern Utah for visitors of all ages. From lacing up your hiking boots to buckling in for a scenic drive through the backcountry, Moab has so much more than meets the eye. Beyond the raging rapids of the Colorado River and a hike across Arches or Canyonlands, there are even more ways to embrace the sunrise and sunset in Eastern Utah. You just have to be ready to break outside the box of traditional services you get in other parts of the United States.

Hot air balloon rides take you high above the red rock plateaus, forever changing how you enjoy seeing the sun come up over Southern Utah, or you can opt for an air tour to see everything from Delicate Arch to Bryce Canyon from a piloted flight. If you're looking for adventure on the ground, climbing and canyoneering across the sandstone provide a unique scramble across cliffs and spires. Mountain biking and horseback riding across select trails in the region allow a one-of-a-kind look at the scenery of natural moments. If you want something more, zip lining has become a highly popular activity in Moab, along with the ropes challenge course, which is a more recent addition to the region.

Other Adventures

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