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Jeep Trails in Moab

Moab is celebrated for its wide array of 4x4 and backcountry trails. People from all over the world congregate to tackle the challenges of some of off-roading’s most difficult obstacles. If you’re not an avid off-road enthusiast, don’t be intimidated, there are plenty of easy, beginner trails for you to explore. You don’t even need your own vehicle, we can help line you out with a capable and reliable rental.

Rent a Jeep for Moab

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Best Jeep Trails: Beginner & Intermediate

When you rent a Jeep, or any other available 4x4 rental in town, they will qualify and/or restrict your list of trails to these beginner and intermediate trails. Beginner and intermediate trails are no less epic or spectacular than the list of more extreme trails further below, but they are somewhat less difficult, technical, or extreme. You'll thank us for the heads up once you see where these trails take you, and when you understand what the words "difficult", "technical" and "extreme" mean in Moab 4x4 terms!

Canyonlands National Park Dead Horse

Shafer Trail: 18 Miles | Easy | 2.5 Hours + 45 Min Hwy

The Shafer Trail is an eye dropping and heart stopping trail that is not for the faint of heart. Enjoy incredible views of the Colorado River, Thelma and Louise Point, and the La Sal Mountains. If you're afraid of heights and roads near cliffs you will want to look elsewhere! Shafer Canyon Trailhead (Google Maps)

Approved Trail for Jeep Rentals
Moab Jeep Trail Gemini Bridges 1

Gemini Bridges Trail: 14 Miles | Easy | 2.5 Hours

Spectacular scenery throughout the trail. Trail ends at the iconic Gemini Bridges with beautiful viewpoints and overlooks. The start of this trail is approximately 48 Miles from Moab and only 14 miles are off road. Gemini Bridges Trailhead (Google Maps)

Approved Trail for Jeep Rentals
Moab Utah Jeep 1 2

Onion Creek and Fisher Towers: 20 Miles | Easy | 2 Hours

This trail is surrounded by red rocks and is an easy well-maintained off-roading trail, only 30 minutes from Fisher Towers, a spectacular hiking trail. Be cautions of flash floods as they can wash out parts of the road. Approximately 20 miles round trip from Hwy 128. Onion Creek Trailhead (Google Maps)

Approved Trail for Jeep Rentals
Moab Jeep Trail Klondike Bluffs 2

Klondike Bluffs: 14 Miles | Easy to Moderate | 4 Hours

This trail is just north of Arches National Park and overlooks the park and the Klondike Bluffs. Watch for dinosaur prints along the trail. If this trail is wet, it can be more difficult than when dry. Klondike Bluffs Trailhead (Google Maps)

Approved Trail for Jeep Rentals
Moab Jeep Trail Geyser Pass

Geyser Pass: 25 Miles | Easy | 4 Hours

Scenic trail in the La Sal Mountains. Mount Peale can be seen from this trail, as well as parts of Canyonlands National Park and Spanish Valley. Perfect for a summer picnic day. Please note that this area may close in winter due to snow. Geyser Pass Trailhead (Google Maps)

Approved Trail for Jeep Rentals
Moab Jeep Trail Monitor Merrimac

Monitor and Merrimac: 12 Miles | Moderate to Difficult | 2.5 Hours

Suitable for most high-clearance SUVs. Close to Mill Canyon Copper Mill, halfway Station, and Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail. M&M Trail (Google Maps)

Approved Trail for Jeep Rentals
Moab Jeep Trail Chicken Corners

Chicken Corners: 54 Miles | Easy to Moderate | 3.5 Hours

This trail starts just a few miles from downtown Moab and goes along the South side of the Colorado River until the it reaches the Colorado River across from Dead Horse Point. Chicken Corners Trail (Google Map)

Approved Trail for Jeep Rentals
Moab Utah Jeep Green Lasals Close

Fins & Things: 9.4 Miles | Intermediate to Difficult | 4 Hours

This ONE-WAY trail explores the vast expanse of slickrock domes so abundant in the Sand Flats Recreation Area just a few miles east of the town of Moab. It is a series of rock crawling challenges and obstacles most similar to the nearby Hell's Revenge Trail. Wide access routes between each obstacle makes for perhaps more forgiving route-finding and exit points. Fins & Things Trailhead (Google Maps)

Approved Trail for Jeep Rentals
Moab Jeep Trail Long Canyon 1

Long Canyon Trail: 15 Miles | Easy to Intermediate | 6+ Hours

This 4x4 trail leads back to Moab from the Dead Horse Point area by way of a gorgeous canyon. The area is popular with hikers and mountain biking, so be mindful of crossing routes. The trail is open year round. Long Canyon Upper Trailhead (Google Maps)

Approved Trail for Jeep Rentals
Moab Jeep Trail Elephant Hill 2

Elephant Hill: 6.4 Miles | Difficult | 3 Hours

Located within Canyonlands National Park, Elephant Hill will require the purchase of an national parks pass. The route to the park entrance south of Moab will require approximately an hour of highway driving. The 4x4 route itself allows access to the more remote parts of Canyonlands National Park. Elephant Hill Trailhead (Google Maps)

Approved Trail for Jeep Rentals
Moab Jeep Trails Map

Best Jeep Trails: Difficult & Advanced

The terms "difficult" or "advanced" are relative terms but be warned that those are perhaps in the extreme, as in "extremely technical" in Moab, Utah. On these more difficult routes, 4x4 off-roading becomes "rock crawling". Yes, there's a difference! Let's put it this way: every Easter weekend Moab is home to the Jeep Safari where a parade of balloon-tired, jacked-up 4x4 extreme machines converge, with their equally insane owners challenge each other in the most extreme rock crawling obstacles perhaps on planet earth. Throughout the rest of year the same test happens again and again on these trails, only without the official parade effect. These routes are less about access to the remote scenery so abundant in Moab and much more about seeing what man and machine can achieve with 4x4, horsepower, and technique.

Hells Revenge Trail


One of the most popular and iconic trails in Moab. It offers a wide range of obstacles and amazing views of slickrock domes and the La Sal Mountains.

Guided Hummer Tours Available
Moab Jeep Trail Poison Spider

Poison Spider Mesa: 36 miles | Difficult | 4 hours

This trail offers incredible views of the surrounding areas such as Behind The Rocks, the Colorado River, the Moab Valley, and the La Sal Mountains. 36 Miles round trip from Moab.

Moab Jeep Trail Moab Rim

Moab Rim Trail: 15 miles | Very Difficult | 1.5 Hours

The trail starts on the south side of the Colorado River and reaches the boundary with Behind the Rocks Wilderness Study area. You will enjoy incredible views of the Colorado River, Moab Valley, and the La Sal Mountains. Allow 1.5 hours to reach the top of the rim and back,

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Jeep Rentals in Moab, Utah

Jeep Rental Blazing

Moab Jeep Rentals - 4 Door Jeep Wrangler

This is the ultimate vehicle to get out and see what Southeastern Utah has to offer. This Jeep comes with a 2.5 inch lift, 4 doors for easy accessibility for those sitting in the rear seat and more cargo area for all your needs, plus with seating for five everyone can ride together.

  • Duration: Approximately 10.5 hrs
  • Departure Times: Pick-up any time after 8:00 AM
  • Season: Year Round
$305 /day
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