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Kane Creek Scenic Drive

With all that the Moab area has to offer, Kane Creek is often overlooked; making it the perfect getaway for a scenic drive that isn’t far from the heart of town. With the Colorado as its companion, Kane Creek road follows through the deep river canyon, providing a pristine playground for Jeepers, rock climbers hikers and mountain bikers. Rock art from ancient peoples who once roamed on the area decorate the canyon walls. They’re not always obvious, so be sure to keep a close eye out.

Kane Creek Road

Kane Creek Scenic Drive Details

Moonflower Canyon

Just a few short miles into the drive, you will come across Moonflower Canyon. This campground is perfect for those wanting to remain relatively close to town; but who also want a little peace and quiet. The canyon offers an easy hike that leads to a natural pool created by rain runoff each year; a great option for families.

Amasa Back & HyMasa Trail

Continue down the road and the pavement will end; leading to a washboard dirt road. Along the next couple miles, there will be multiple opportunities for hiking and mountain biking at places such as Amasa Back and HyMasa Trail.

Birthing Scene Petroglyph

If biking isn’t your thing, a continued ½ mile down the road will lead you to the Birthing Scene Petroglyph; a historic rock art site left behind from the native people who once inhabited the area.

Cable Arch

Approximately 1 mile past Birthing Scene Petroglyph will be a small parking lot for Cable Arch. This arch is located on an unmarked trail; so it is recommended to stop by the Moab Information Center for indepth hiking instructions.

Continue or Return

At this point the road turns into a switch back section that you can continue down for more camping options; or turn around and head back the way you came to return to town.

Kane Creek Scenic Drive
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