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Explore the Hidden Side of Moab's Landscape
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The Ultimate Moab Canyoneering Adventures

Moab, Utah has long been one of climbing and canyoneering’s most sought-after destinations, but there is plenty of beginner-friendly rock on which to learn the ropes. Our seasoned guides will help harness your skills (and your courage) to take a step into the vertical world!

We've crafted two guided canyoneering adventures to explore the hidden side of Moab's Landscape:

  • The Morning Glory canyoneering tour traverses Grandstaff Canyon beginning with a rappel into Medieval Chamber, followed by a spectacular rappel from Morning Glory natural bridge into a lush grotto some hundred or so feet below. You'll round out the adventure with several stream crossings through Grandstaff Canyon.
  • Bow & Arrow Canyon offers four different rappels interspersed throughout an adventurous hike past otherwise hidden petroglyph panels, longbow arch, and spectacular desert vistas.
Canyoneering in Moab

Canyoneering Moab: Morning Glory Arch & Medieval Chamber

An incredible canyoneering introduction, with two rappels: 100' into a hidden chasm, and 110' off a giant rock arch! Follow a winding canyon stream out to the Colorado River.

  • Duration: Approximately 5 hrs
  • Departure Times: Morning and Afternoon
  • Season: April - November
ADULT (13+)
YOUTH (10-12)
Rappelling and Adventure Hiking in Bow and Arrow Canyon

Moab Canyoneering: Bow & Arrow Canyon

Experience adventure hiking at its finest, including hidden petroglyph panels, longbow arch, spectacular desert vistas, and multiple rappelling descents deeper into the canyon country.

  • Duration: Approximately 5 hrs
  • Departure Times: Morning and Afternoon
  • Season: April - November
ADULT (10)
YOUTH (10-12)

Moab Canyoneering Reviews

Rated 4.9 stars out of 6251 Total Reviews


Before we left for our Ephedras Grotto Canyoneering Trip. The Moab Adventure Center sent us solid information and suggested gear/materials to bring along. Our guide was absolutely fantastic, from exhibiting a fantastic knowledge of the area to cracking jokes with the crew, we could not have asked for a better guide. Rappelling was an unforgettable experience and the sites of the trip were amazing.


No issues in getting activities set up! Our guide for our canyoneering trip was knowledgeable in all aspects, safety was a high priority, still was able to keep things fun and took an interest in those he was leading! My husband and I had such a great time. This is an awesome memory we get to share together!
Climbing Canyoneering Stamp

Canyoneering was Pioneered in Utah

That's right, Utah's slot canyons are the birthplace of the modern sport of canyoneering. What is canyoneering? See if this helps: Mountaineers climb up, Canyoneers climb down, and Pioneers trek Westward...to Utah where they can descend ropes into the myriad slot canyons that drain Utah's world famous Colorado Plateau. The pioneers of the sport all claim first descents in Utah, sooo... yeah, it's pretty much legit. You know, the word "canyon" comes from the Spanish Conquistadors, trying to describe what they saw in the desert as "narrow valleys between cliffs". There was no word for these unique features of the southwest, so they used the Spanish word for "pipe", or "long tube".

Canyoneering Moab map

Questions about Canyoneering in Moab

​What is the difference between rock climbing and canyoneering?
  • Rock climbing is a fun full-body challenge where muscles and finger grip on textures, bumps, and cracks in the rock walls (and even special shoes) are used to go up a rock wall. When a climber reaches the top, they descend or rappel with the rope and harness back to the ground.
  • Canyoneering is rappelling into narrow slot canyons to gain access to otherwise undiscoverable grottoes, chambers and arches hidden in the desert landscape. Often there are multiple descents through a given canyon or series of canyons.
Is canyoneering the same as rappelling?

Rappelling is a part of canyoneering. Canyoneering is a hike that navigates down through a canyon, often requiring rappels (roped descents) over cliffs or waterfalls that are otherwise not navigable without a rope.

Where is the best canyoneering in Moab?

There are many places to rappel over a cliff in Moab, but not all of them are legal, and not all of them lead down through a canyon. The two best places for canyoneering in Moab

Is canyoneering family friendly?

Canyoneering is a very family activity with teambuilding built right into the experience. Cheer family members on as they drop below, or cheer them on from below after you've done your own rappel. The guides keep things orderly and lined up so you can focus on yourself and your fellow family in the experience.

Are there places for dual rappelling in Moab?

The Morning Glory Arch Rappel has two descents, both of which are side-by-side rappels into the Medieval Chamber, and near Morning Glory Arch.

All four Bow and Arrow Canyon rappels are one-at-a-time rappels.

How tall are the rappels in Moab?

The tallest rappels in Moab, Utah are roughly 100 feet high. Both the Morning Glory Arch adventure and the Bow and Arrow canyoneering include 100-foot rappels.

Is canyoneering better in Moab or Zion?

Utah, in general, is spoiled for choices when it comes to canyoneering. Arguments can ensue about which is the better location Moab, Utah or Zion National Park area for slot canyon exploration. In Moab, Utah there are perhaps fewer slot canyons to choose from, but perhaps more arches to be found along the way - this all depends on which specific canyon you are hiking of course, but generally true. Once you are in the canyons themselves the experience is not easily comparable, which is to say they are very similar to each other.

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