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Frequently Asked Questions about Moab

Below, you'll find the most commonly asked questions that we hear from our customers and their accompanying answers.

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A few common questions we get about Moab and and the Moab Area

Is it worth visiting both the Canyonlands National Park and the Arches National Park?

Many visitors to Moab are unsure of whether they'll be seeing the same sights at these two national parks and wonder whether they should spend the time and money to see both. However, we're here to tell you that you're in for two distinct adventures at these two parks. Though they're both in the area, each national park offers its own specific sights and experiences to be had. So, yes, it's worth visiting Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

Arches National Park is home to the world's largest concentration of natural stone openings. This park provides tourists and visitors with an up-close experience of the gorgeous, other-worldly red rock landscape. On the other hand, the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park is nestled on top of a 1,000-foot mesa with beautiful viewpoints that encircle thousands of square miles of incredible canyon country. These views offer the diversely colored landscape of southeastern Utah that many people consider to rival the views of the Grand Canyon. So, if you have the time and want to make the most of your visit to Moab, both of these distinctly beautiful national parks are worth a visit.

How much time do I need to visit both Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park?

The time you need to visit these attractive national parks all depends on what specific tours and adventures you want to do there. For example, the scenic drives at Arches and Canyonlands National Parks can typically be driven in a few hours apiece. So, if you only have a limited amount of time to stay in Moab, you can get a taste of both parks' sights and adventures in a single day. However, we recommend spending at least a full day at each park if you have the time to enjoy some hiking and other sights to experience each park fully. Although, you can easily spend several days in each park if you're staying for an extended vacation with the numerous longer hiking trails at Arches National Park and the expansive backcountry in Canyonlands National Park. With all of these adventures and attractions, we have enough to keep you busy for weeks in Moab aside from these two national parks, as long as you have the time.

Which tours and adventures offer the best experience in Canyonlands and Arches National Parks?

Arches National Park is much smaller than Canyonlands National Park and more easily accessible for driving and hiking activities. Our Morning or evening Sunset Arches Tours make it easy to see the most popular sites in Arches without the hassle of driving, navigating, and scanning for parking spots. If you are hiking on your own in Arches, you may want to review our favorite hikes in Arches National Park.

Canyonlands National Park is spectacular from viewpoints that are easy drives on your own, but interacting with this vast landscape is much more difficult than in most National Parks - one of its many charms!

  • By land:Renting a Jeep (with maps provided) will provide access to the many miles of dirt roads that wind around the canyons, buttes and mazes of Canyonlands. You could drive for days on end and get quite lost without proper preparation.
  • By air:Hour-long scenic air tours offer a rare bird’s eye view of this most unique landscape.
  • By river: The Colorado River winds through the heart of this landscape, offering views that rival those found in the Grand Canyon. Two whitewater rafting options offer the very best way to “become one with the landscape” and the powers that carved it.
Am I allowed to bring a drone on a trip?

Drones are not allowed in National Parks or in the specific Bureau of Land Management resource areas where we operate our trips. Therefore, Western River Expeditions/Moab Adventure Center does not allow the use of drones on any trips.

Are there kid-friendly activities in Moab?

If you're unsure whether Moab, Utah, is a vacation idea for the whole family, do not worry. We have a wide selection of activities and adventures that are safe and fun for your entire family. You and your children will never be bored with all that Moab has to offer.

Children under 5 generally love shorter 4x4 tours and exploring the sand and Redrock on shorter hikes. There are also many short trails in Arches National Park that small children can enjoy. In particular, Sand Dune Arch contains a massive sand pile beneath the arch which is always popular with kids. For kids over 5 years old, half-day rafting trips or scenic flights are a good choice. Children over 10 can enjoy horseback riding or mountain biking. Additionally, the town of Moab contains a water park and public swimming pool.

Head up to Moab Giants, where you and the kids can walk among the prehistoric giants that once roamed the Earth. Not only are Moab Giants hours of fun but also an educational journey for you and the little ones. Moab Giants has both indoor and outdoor adventures available for hours of entertainment.

Check out one of the numerous national parks so your child can become a Junior Ranger. That's right! Your children can learn all about the local area in Utah and earn their place as a Junior Ranger. Additionally, Arches National Park is the perfect family-friendly hiking destination filled with plenty of short, child-appropriate hikes.

While river rafting in Moab may sound out of the boundary for kids. However, our local section of the Colorado River is tons of family-oriented fun during the summer months. This stretch of river is perfect for any family ready to spend a relaxing day on the water or even spend the night camping along the banks of this scenic river. We offer many more kid-friendly activities at Moab Adventure Center. If you want to see more family-friendly activities in Moab, Utah, check out our top ten activities when visiting Moab with kids.
What lodging options are available in Moab, Utah?

What started as a Mormon Mission in the 1850s has evolved into one of the top worldwide vacation destinations thanks to the beautiful scenic surroundings and countless activities and adventures to enjoy. No matter how or where you want to spend your time visiting beautiful Moab, UT, you can find the perfect place for you or your family. Whether you want to pitch a tent in the great outdoors, stay at an affordable motel, cozy up in a bed and breakfast, find an upscale suite, enjoy some time on a ranch resort, or park the RV, Moab provides endless recommendations to have you covered. Moab, UT, offers some of the most diverse accommodations of any tourist city to suit anyone's tastes or needs. Keep in mind that Moab becomes a bustling attraction during the summer months, so plan your trip ahead to ensure you book the perfect lodging for you. If you want to learn more about the many accommodations in Moab, check out our Moab Lodging options.

Where can I eat in Moab, Utah?

When you've spent the day sightseeing and enjoying the thrills of Moab, you'll need a place to settle down and enjoy some good food at one of the great Moab restaraunts. Thankfully, there is no shortage of delicious eateries in the area. No matter what type of cuisine you want to enjoy, Moab has something for everyone. For example, The Moab Diner is a local favorite. From the friendly staff to the quick service to the food itself, this diner has made a name for itself in the area. Some local favorites include the Fisher Tower French Toast, Bacon Cheeseburger, and Southwestern Stir Fry. Try Miguel's Baja Grill if you're looking for something with some southwestern flair. This restaurant is only open in the evenings. However, it's another local favorite for a delicious dinner. Pick a seat outside on the beautifully decorated patio or inside the inviting dining areas and enjoy some Nopolo-style Ceviche, Steak Salad, or Baja Fish Tacos. See our top seven Moab restaurants if you want to know more about where to eat in Moab.

Are there any airports located near Moab?

Yes! Canyonlands Field Airport (CNY) is located 18 miles north of Moab. The closest major airport to Moab is located in Salt Lake City (236 miles from Moab - 4 hour drive). Walker Field Airport, located in Grand Junction Colorado (110 miles from Moab - 1 hr 45 min drive), provides the closest option for most airlines. Learn more about getting to Moab, Utah.

How is the heat in the summertime?

Our hottest months here in Moab are June through September; July often reaching temperatures of 110 degrees. Keep in mind that this is a dry heat, so you may not feel like it is as hot as more humid parts of the country; but this can actually be quite dangerous if you are not listening to your body and keeping it plenty hydrated. It is recommended to have at least 2 liters of water per person with you at all times. Summer visitors to southern Utah often spend the morning enjoying mountain biking, horseback rides, and hiking and then spend the afternoon pursuing activities such as rafting or 4x4 trips. Popular evening activities are sunset Hummer Safaris or Sunset Jetboats. Click here for more information about the climate and weather in Moab.

Are there any supermarkets in Moab?

Yes, there are two full size grocery stores in Moab, each containing a deli and bakery:

Village Market
702 S Main Street
Moab, UT 84532

City Market
425 S Main Street
Moab, UT 84532

Are there any hospitals in Moab?

Yes, Moab Regional Hospital is a 17-bed critical access hospital, and is the leading healthcare facility in the southeastern region of the state, serving thousands of patients each year. Services include a full-service emergency room, general and orthopedic surgical services, primary care physicians, obstetrical services, and a wide-range of other specialists.

Moab Regional Hospital
450 West Williams Way
Moab, UT 84532

Can I hike with my pet?

Activities with pets are very limited within the National Parks of southern Utah. Pets are prohibited from the backcountry as well as on trails. In authorized areas, pets must be leashed at all times when outside a vehicle and may be walked only on roads or in parking lots. Pets may accompany visitors in campgrounds.

Generally, pets may accompany you as you hike on public land in Canyon Country. For the safety of your pet (there are many sheer drop-offs in Canyon Country) and other hikers, pets should be kept under control at all times. Be aware that other wildlife may be encountered along trails. Please note that heavily traveled areas may have additional regulations regarding pets. For exact regulations regarding the specific area you will be visiting, contact the appropriate Bureau of Land Management office:

BLM Offices
Moab District
Price District
San Juan Resource Area

Please remember that the climate of southeastern Utah is considered to be an arid desert. Summertime temperatures inside a closed vehicle can reach life-threatening levels in a short period of time. Therefore, it is not recommended that you leave your pet in a vehicle.

There are several kennels with boarding services in Moab:

Karen's Canine Campground
2781 S. Roberts

Moab Veterinary Clinic
4575 Spanish Valley Drive

Traceys Bed & Biscuit Kennel

Spanish Valley Veterinary
1428 Spanish Valley Drive

Pet supplies can be purchased at the following businesses:

Hometown Shopko
1145 South Hwy. 191 Moab

Village Market
702 S Main Street Moab

City Market
425 South Main Moab

Walker Drug
290 South Main Moab

Is there any live music at night in Moab?

Yes! The following establishments often feature live entertainment on the weekends. Check with each establishment for their current schedule.

The Blu Pig
811 S Main Street

Woody's Tavern
221 South Main

Is there any Daycare available in Moab?

Lilypad Learning Center

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