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Exploring Arches
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Hikes in Arches National Park

Hikes in Arches National Park can be very rewarding. Most short and easy hikes are available from a Guided Van Tour, just a short distance from the parking lots of the most popular stops. Moderate hiking begins where the wide, groomed trails end and you begin scaling the rock surfaces, perhaps striking a pose under the arches and formations.

More intensely moderate and even hikes rated as "difficult" in Arches National Park may include the several miles to stand under Landscape Arch, or the world-famous Delicate Arch. A wide backcountry loop to thousands of more obscure arches can delight a hardy backpacker for days.

Hiking further off the typical guided tour stops will require you to drive your own vehicle into the park, which will require you to obtain a timed entry reservation some months in advance of your visit. Learn all about timed entry reservations here.

Moab Arches National Park Hiker

Our Favorite Hikes in Arches National Park

Moab Arches National Park Park Avenue Hikers

Park Avenue

The Park Avenue Trail is one of the first designated points of interest upon entering the Park. This one-mile trail follows through the bottom of a canyon, along the base of some of the park’s most well-known and massive monoliths, including Courthouse Towers, The Organ, and the Tower of Babel. If you have a shuttle driver, you can be picked up at the end of the walk and not have to retrace your steps.

Moab Arches National Park Delicate

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch- Delicate Arch is an iconic symbol for Utah as well as the American West. This 3 mile (round trip) hike makes a steady climb gaining 480 feet in elevation from the parking lot. The last part of the hike follows along a narrow ledge which descends into a huge natural slickrock bowl. In this vast sandstone depression, Delicate Arch stands majestically alone against the desert vista. Note: The Delicate Arch hike offers little to no shade, make sure to wear sun protection and bring plenty of water.

Moab Arches National Park Double O

Double Arch

One of the more popular features of Arches National Park. This area is featured in the opening scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The hike is an easy gravel trail leading to one fin which houses two arches.

Moab Arches National Park Fiery Furnace Overlook

Fiery Furnace

There is no other hike or place in the world like Fiery Furnace. It’s a labyrinth of sandstone fins, the deeper you go into the maze, the more hidden gems of arches, and spires and slots you’ll find. Fiery Furnace is a permitted section. Ranger led tours are available daily, however, book in advance as space is limited and tours book to capacity.

Sand Dune Arch

It’s a shorty but a goodie. We’d even go so far as to say it’s a top three favorite. The easy trail takes you through a mini slot canyon. Sand Dune Arch is snugly tucked at the back of the canyon keeping watch of a small dune of the softest, finest sand you’ll ever shake from your shoes.

Primitive Loop

Not for the novice hiker, but definitely for the explorer and adventurer. This eight mile challenging hike passes by seven arches, takes you through awesome canyons, and shows you incredible sweeping views. This hike is where you find the backcountry in Arches National Park.

Best Hikes in Arches with Kids

Park Avenue

A fun canyon hike that meanders along the base of gargantuan monolithic towers. The towers are impressive driving past on the road side, but wandering between them is a much different and exciting feeling that neither children or parents will soon forget.

Window Loop: Double Arch

Kids love scrambling on rocks, and parents should too. But what makes Double Arch such a great family hike is that it’s easy, short, and it provide plenty of rock scrambling. But you get to do it under massive twin arches.

Sand Dune Arch

This is not just a kid favorite but an adult favorite too. The hike is simple and short, but the exploring opportunities are endless. A small slot canyon sets the tone for this intriguing and fun walk.

Pine Tree Arch and Tunnel Arch

Considered one of the best hiking trails in Arches National Park, it's the perfect introductory hike on this canyon trail that follows along the bases of massive monoliths. It's rugged and fun for kids, but not strenuous compared to other treks.

Overview of All Hikes in Arches

Park Avenue (1 mile) - Easy

Canyon trail follows along the bases of massive monoliths on a primitive trail. This is the perfect introductory hike to Arches: it has breathtaking views, amazing picture opportunities, and is rugged and fun for the kids, but not strenuous for the older kids in the family.

Balanced Rock (0.3 miles) - Easy

Short loop trail follows around the base of the extraordinarily curious rock formation. Looking from a distance, the 55’ top boulder seems to be balancing from a very precarious base, hence it’s name.

The Windows (1 mile) - Easy

Gravel trail looping through Turret Arch, South Window, and North Window. We recommend hiking towards Turret Arch and admire the views when you get to the top. After a few minutes, continue around the bend and encounter some of the most impressive arches in the park: the North and the South Windows.

Double Arch (0.5 miles) - Easy

Gravel trail leading to two massive arches that share the same sandstone fin. This is a great place to play during the day and stargaze at nights. Lean back and take pictures of the stars through the massive arches.

Delicate Arch (3 miles) - Difficult

A steadily inclining trail along exposed slickrock with a narrow rock ledge leading up to this spectacular arch. This challenging hike will reward your efforts once you get to this incredible arch. It’s no wonder is the symbol in Utah’s license plate and commemorated in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. Be sure to make a quick stop at the old Wolf Ranch before you start your hike.

Delicate Arch Lower Viewpoint (100 yards) - Easy

A short walk along a graded path trail leading to a distant view of Delicate Arch. If you don’t want to take the 3 mile hike but still want to see it, this is the perfect alternative. From this viewpoint you can glance at the hundreds of visitors gathering by the arch and be relieved you didn’t have to hike to see it.

Delicate Arch Upper Viewpoint (0.5 miles) - Moderately easy

Trail starting from the lower Delicate Arch viewpoint for a closer, but distant, view of Delicate Arch. Just a little farther than the Lower Viewpoint, it will give you a little closer view to the famous arch.

Fiery Furnace (no trail)

Permitted maze-like area with slots, arches, and difficult terrain. Experienced guide recommended. A favorite hike for many, this intricate trail will keep you in constant awe. Everywhere you look, there is a different feature, arch or formation more impressive than the last.

Sand Dune Arch (0.3 miles) - Easy

Sandy trail leading to a hidden arch between slickrock fins. Feel like a kid again in this area of the park. Take your shoes off and walk on the soft sand leading to a hidden arch. It’s a perfect place to escape to during the hottest part of the day.

Tower Arch (3.4 miles) - Difficult

Trail climbs up a steep rock wall, continues through a valley, and ends between incredible sand dunes and stone fins. Bring plenty of water and snack while attempting this hike.

Broken Arch Loop (2 miles) - Easy

Trail begins at the Sand Dune Arch parking area and travels through a sandy meadow to the arch. The trail continues to the Devils Garden campground requiring a bit of scrambling in the northern part of the loop.

Skyline Arch (0.4 miles) - Easy

Direct hike from the parking lot to the base of the fin where the arch looms directly above. If you are done hiking for the day but want to see one more impressive arch, stop at the pullout, walk a few stops just above the sidewalk, and take in the views of this magnificent arch.

Tunnel Arch (0.5 miles) - Easy

Shares the Pinetree Arch trail, which leads to a double arch chiseled from a thick sandstone fin, giving the illusion of a short tunnel. Take a little detour on the way to Landscape Arch to see this arch and Pinetree Arch.

Pinetree Arch (1 mile) - Easy

A gravel trail leads past Tunnel Arch to a secluded area among rock fins. Fun little hike on the way to Landscape Arch. Great for families wanting to see an arch not too far from the main path.

Landscape Arch (1.6 miles) - Easy

Graded trail to a spectacular arch - its span reaching larger than a football field in length. This is one of the most beautiful hikes in the park and one of the most rewarding views of all. If you have 1 hour to spare, this is a highly recommended place to go.

Double O Arch (4.5 miles) - Difficult

Trail starts from Landscape Arch with steep climbs, thin ledges, and rocky slabs. After reaching Landscape Arch, continue for just a few more miles to this secluded area of the park. If you want to keep challenging yourself, continue for a while longer to complete the Primitive Trail.

Primitive Trail (7.2 miles) - Difficult

Alternative route connecting to the Double O Arch trail. This trail includes heights, thin ledges, and rocky terrain. This is a challenging trail and you must be prepared to use your hands, knees and elbows to get you through some of the obstacles. Great hike for those looking for a little more adventurous hike.

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