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Nowhere else like it? Must be Moab, Utah!
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Where Is Moab?

There are actually two noteworthy areas on the globe that share the name "Moab" (Mo-ab / mō-ab). The name actually comes from a biblical reference which points to the mountainous region surrounding the area of Jordan. Specifically, this region is located along the Dead Sea on the eastern side.

The second Moab reference is located on a different continent entirely. In fact, the second Moab area refers to a breathtaking, magical place known as Moab, Utah.

Getting to Moab, Utah

Moab Dusk Town La Sals
Moab Canyoneering Descent Arch Ali

Moab is the Adventure Capital of The West

Moab is a destination perfectly centered for endless adventure and outdoor recreation. Find out all the things you can do in Moab, Utah

Things to Do in Moab, Utah
Canyonlands National Park Dead Horse

Moab is Located along the Colorado River

Moab, Utah is located just upstream from the confluence of two of the largest rivers in the west: The Green River and the Colorado River. Can there be any question as to why some of the world's best multi-day and even one-day rafting trips are found right here in Moab, Utah?

See Rafting in Moab
Moab Arches National Park Delicate

Moab is the Gateway to Two National Parks

Moab is the gateway to two of Utah's five spectacular National Parks: Arches National Park only five minutes from downtown Moab, Utah and Canyonlands National Park (and the newly designated Bear's Ears National Monument) to the south and west. We haven't even mentioned the State Parks!

Explore Moab National Parks
Monument Valley Highway

Moab is Settled on the Old Spanish Trail

The town of Moab was settled along the old Spanish Trail in what has been named "Spanish Valley". Thanks to the Moab Fault Trailblazers found it much easier to cross the otherwise difficult canyon country hemming the Green and Colorado Rivers.

Where Is Moab
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What to take, where to eat, where to stay, what to do, and a few little secrets on the side. Not unlike your own personal Jiminy Cricket, (minus the worries of the little guy getting smooshed) the Moab Insiders Guide will provide you with all the essentials for a perfect Moab experience.

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