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Camping in Desolation Canyon

On your 5 Day Desolation Canyon Utah Rafting Vacation, you'll experience camping along the river's edge for 4 nights. Whether on a long sandy beach or at the base of towering cliffs, Western River guests often find their time in camp to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the trip. After a day on the river, you'll look forward to watching the sun cast its final rays across the cliffs as the first of billions of stars begin to appear. You'll look forward to waking to the sound of the canyon wren at first light, and the aroma of breakfast cooking. Camping in Desolation Canyon along the river is truly an unforgettable experience.

Whether you're a veteran camper or experiencing sleeping in the outdoors for the first time, Western makes camping simple. All you need to worry about is packing your personal items in a soft-sided duffel bag.

camping in Desolation Canyon
camping in Desolation Canyon

Sleeping Bag

Freshly laundered sleeping bags and sheets provide warmth on cool evenings. You'll receive your personal sleeping bag upon arrival to the river.

camping in Desolation Canyon

Comfortable Cots

Cots make sleeping and relaxing on the river easy. You'll lay your sleeping bag on top of the cot and sleep about 12 inches off the ground.

camping in Desolation Canyon

Roomy Tents

Tents are always available and easy to set up. You may be like many of our river guests who prefer to sleep under the vast canopy of stars.

camping in Desolation Canyon

Water-Resistant Bag

Your personal water-resistant bag will protect your duffel bag, sleeping bag and other personal items from exposure to sand and water.

camping in Desolation Canyon

Day-Use Bag

A smaller, personal day-use bag keeps important items handy during the day. This offers a convenient place to store rain gear, sunscreen, medication, etc.

camping in Desolation Canyon

Camp Chairs

Camp chairs offer comfortable seating along the river's edge. Camp chairs are stowed away while on the river and available while in camp.

camping in Desolation Canyon

Ground Cloth

A ground cloth keeps your gear and camping areas clean. This can be placed under your tent or cot at night.

camping in Desolation Canyon

Toilet Facilities

A portable toilet and hand wash system is set up each day in camp in a secluded location that assures privacy.

Toilet Facilities on the River

Western uses a "port a-potty" system that is set up each day in a secluded location that assures privacy. This is essentially a toilet without the fancy plumbing and is available from the time you pull into camp each afternoon until you leave camp the next day. Along with the toilet, a system to wash your hands with fresh water will be available.

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Dining on the River

“The food was fantastic! It was amazing how the Western River guides transformed the campsites into a kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meals were very well balanced. Dinners were gourmet.”

Kathy, Connecticut


Steaming coffee provides welcome warmth to counter the cool sand between your toes. You might think you're still dreaming when you see plates of steaming flapjacks, fresh fruit and scrambled eggs, but it's the way every morning on the river begins. Western's guides are not only trained river professionals, they're talented campfire cooks as well. And Western always serves fresh food on all river adventures.

Cataract Canyon Grapefruit


A wonderful selection of fresh meats and cheeses, delicious breads, along with crisp vegetables and a variety of spreads satisfy hearty lunchtime appetites after a morning in the canyon. Tasty chicken and veggie wraps or perhaps chicken salad pitas may also be part of Western's mid-day buffet. At all times, unlimited quantities of icy lemonade and fresh water are available to quench your thirst.

Lunch Lady


While you enjoy delectable appetizers and relax and at the river's edge, the guides prepare a dinner that is sure to surprise and please. Every night is different, but the menu will likely include grilled chicken breasts, tender steaks, pasta, or fresh fish accompanied by tossed green salad with your choice of dressing, vegetables, and side dishes. Dutch-oven cake and cobblers or other scrumptious desserts deliciously top off the evening meal.

Cataract Canyon Food Plate