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Desolation is a Place of Beginning

Green River Rafting Utah's Desolation Canyon

Green River rafting Utah's Desolation Canyon, makes you feel as though you've been transported back in time to a place when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the winding river was carving its path through mighty the mountains. Floating through the dramatic corridors you can almost sense it taking place right before your eyes - the landscape remains that pristine. A spectacular scenic flight from Moab, Utah will be your access to this remote rafting adventure, where at times, the splash of the oars hitting the water will be the only sound you hear. As you marvel at the rugged landscape and geologic history, more than 40 million years in the making, you'll get a glimpse of what life was like for Ancient Native American civilizations and later the famous outlaws of the West, including Butch Cassidy. A few sort hikes will show you artifacts left from Fremont tribes, including petroglyph panels etched into the cliffs, and abandoned outlaw hideouts. Desolation Canyon rafting offers plenty of opportunity to jump in and float the lazy stretches of river and also test your whitewater rafting skills on the more that 60 fun-fulled class I-III rapids. This trip is just the right mix of wonder, relaxation and adventure.

Total Duration
including transfers
Scenic Flight
over Tavaputs Plateau
Minimum Age
must be at least 50 pounds
Rapid Class
on river
desolation canyon green river map
Best Guides on the River
Best Guides on the River

Your guides in Desolation Canyon will navigate you safely through, cook delicious riverside meals that satisfy and delight, lead a hike with a spring in their step, help you pitch a tent if it looks like rain, encourage you to stay up late under the stars, and help make a craft with the kiddos.

Family Magic
Family Magic

Desolation Canyon is virtually made for catering to all the fun a five year old wants, everything thrilling the teenagers want, and the mellow relaxation the parents and grandparents want. Family Magic happens on rafting trips because time is spent, experiences are shared, and memories are made together in a way that rarely happens on any other kind of vacation.

Unique History & Landscape
Unique History & Landscape

Besides a spectacular geological display, Desolation Canyon also displays a bounty of unique human history. Ever heard of Butch Cassidy and the Hole in the Wall Gang? Desolation Canyon was one of many "holes in the wall" where they eluded lawmen in southern Utah. Evidence of the settlers, moonshiners, and ranchers that aided them remain in the canyon as tokens of an era gone by.

Green River Desolation Canyon Reviews

Felt Safe!

Great guides, and strong leaders. Also felt safe. Noticed great community of people. Loved the light touches of history which added a lot to my trip. I loved the kayaking option. Daniel added a lot to the trip. Thank you for offering this class 2-3 level trip - my daughter enjoyed it without getting scared.

Pure Magic

If you have not yet made the Desolation Canyon, Green River Trip with Western River Expeditions you cannot have enjoyed the best holidays of your life. The indescribable beauty of the canyons, our wonderful guides, the kindness of the other guests, the perfect organization of the trip and - last but not least - the fantastic meals. "An experience of a lifetime" promises the brochure of Western River. This is just half the truth, because the reality is pure magic.


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