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Glide and Zip Over Sandstone Fins and Canyons

Moab Zip Line Reviews Trip Reviews

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What a morning!!!!!!!!

Courtney - Reno, NV

The ride up itself was worth it, but the zip lines were fantastic, first time I've ever done a zip line. The staff was very easy going but safe on the same hand. I would recommend this to anyone who seeks adventure.


Not to be missed

Colleen - Detroit, MI

We were planning on doing Slotzilla in Vegas but when we saw it we were underwhelmed and looked for alternatives on our Road Trip. We found these guys in Moab who seemed to offer a lot more value.

The staff were all friendly, helpful and great fun, but took safety seriously. I had attached my asthma inhaler to my backpack for easy access in case the walks between zips were too strenuous (or I got stressed out because I am scared of heights)! They spotted it and asked the whole group if anyone had inhalers/epipens they needed to be aware of and where they could find them if needed.

The ATV ride to the zip lines is very steep but the team are excellent drivers and know what they are doing. It was a great bonus to get this as well as the ziplining.

The 6 ziplines varied in speed and length and the views were fantastic. It was an amazing 2-3 hours and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, including first-timers and the petrified.

We even got free advice on what to do in Salt Lake City, our final destination on this incredible Road Trip.


What an adventure!

Bill - Salt Lake City, UT

This experience exceeded all my expectations! We had awesome “guides” that were fun and informative. Learned some cool stuff and had the time of my life! What an exhilarating afternoon!!

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