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Moab Horseback Rides in Castle Valley Reviews Trip Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 5665 customer reviews of Moab Horseback Rides Reviews


Horseback Riding w/ Kids was Awesome!

Matt - West Jordan, UT

Great experience. Beautiful country. Very peaceful. I was very glad to see us actually going up and down horse trails, through rivers, etc. Melissa, our Wrangler, was very cool. Kids loved it. We just wished we could've got the horses trotting a little more. Highly recommend.


Horseback Riding Moab Utah

Greg - Myrtle Beach, SC

We had such a wonderful time on the Castle Valley Horseback Ride. It was the best ever and I've had quite a few. Great trail, horses and wranglers.


Moab Horseback Riding and More

Katie - Richmond VA

Emily Newman was FABULOUS!!! I will absolutely use the Moab Adventure Center again next year when I bring our group back. I felt very informed on what time to be where and what I needed to bring, etc… You’ve got a great group of guides. We enjoyed them all, especially those on the Horseback Ride. The front desk staff was also very polite and helpful. This was by far the best customer service I have experienced in a long time. Thank You!!


Horseback Riding w/ Kids was Awesome!

Xi - Berkeley, CA

Horseback riding in Moab, Utah was a great experience. Beautiful country. Very peaceful. I was very glad to see us actually going up and down horse trails, through rivers, etc. Melissa, our Wrangler, was very cool. Kids loved it. Highly recommend.


Outstanding Horseback Ride!

Samantha – Chagrin Falls, OH

I can’t express enough how much I enjoyed this Horseback Riding tour. First of all, the staff was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They made sure that everyone understood how to ride their horses, and they didn’t rush us through the tour. They even took our pictures on our horses so that we could have souvenirs! Second, the horses were obviously well cared for. They were calm, well-fed, and they didn’t appear unkempt. And third, I thought it was really great that they allowed riders to borrow saddle bags for our water bottles and other things like cameras. I was able to get a drink whenever I wanted, and I could take pictures without worrying about my camera. Oh, and I should say that the tour itself was terrific. I’ve never ridden a horse over steep, sometimes rocky terrain, and going through streams was new to me, too. It was a picturesque, interesting route that was NEVER boring. I highly recommend this tour to anyone. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Ride the Most Beautiful Country


I took the horseback ride through the MAC at Red Cliffs Lodge. SUPERB in every respect! The guide, Theresa, was great – she was excellent with the horses and rider safety, knew a lot about the area, and was a friendly and fun person. Best trail guide I have ever had!


Horseback Riding

Lydia – Laurel, MD

The horseback ride at Red Cliffs Lodge was extraordinary. Since we had a small group of only 4 riders, it was even better – made for an intimate and enjoyable ride. This was also challenging terrain, which made it SO much more interesting than the boring "flat trail" rides offered in many other places I have been. This was hands-down the most interesting and enjoyable ride through the most beautiful country I have experienced in years of riding in the West. Thanks!

Things to do in Utah


Some of our other plans were canceled so we were scrambling to find something fun to do. There were quite a few options available to us through the Adventure Center, even though we were booking last minute. We decided on Horseback riding. Our guide was very informative and fun They helped us feel very comfortable and at ease throughout our adventure! Even though it was our first time. We would recommend The Moab Adventure Center to our friends for future trips and we already have next years trip planned and will be booking another adventure with you!

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