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Cataract Canyon Express Photo Gallery

Truly to understand this broken geography of Canyonlands National Park and Cataract Canyon, you must be lost within it, run it's river, and gaze up into the universe from between its darkened canyon walls. Even then you may not comprehend what you see. The scale of the place, as John Wesley Powell so eloquently states, is lost on photographs, or words. Browse through the images of this Cataract Canyon photo gallery, but know that what you see is only a window to something much, much more immense and spectacular.

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Cataract Canyon: "The ledges from which the gods might quarry mountains"

"Away to the West are lines of cliffs and ledges of rocks --not such ledges as you may have seen where the quarry man splits his blocks, but ledges from which the gods might quarry mountains." -- John Wesley Powell, July 1869 Expedition