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Moab Glamping: Three Ways to Camp in Moab Without Bringing Your Own Gear

Nathan Van Buren

Want to experience camping in the desert but don't want to haul camping equipment halfway across America? From the luxurious digs of nearby Moab Under Canvas to fully equipped multi-day rafting and camping expeditions along the remote canyons and rivers surrounding Moab, we've got you covered under the stars.

Under Canvas With La Sals

Four Days and Three Nights in Canyonlands National Park

Have you ever wanted to camp in Moab but don’t have the gear or the space to bring it along with you on vacation? This trip is perfect for you. Our 4-Day Cataract Canyon trip is the perfect balance between thrilling rapids and relaxing days in the desert sun. On this river trip, we provide all the camping gear you need for a comfortable experience. A couple of main things we provide are cots, sleeping bags, a sheet, tarp, and tents. For those seeking to sleep under the stars all this gear enables you to sleep comfortably without being directly on the ground. By providing all this gear all you need to bring is what’s on our packing list for this specific trip, pack it into your duffle bag, and meet the bus for the trip.

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Colorado River through Canyonlands National Park

Cataract Canyon 4 Day Rafting Adventure

River rafting through Cataract Canyon is not for the timid. The Colorado River appears benign and gentle as it silently rolls through the backyard of the Marriott hotel where you'll stay in... Learn About Cataract Canyon Rafting}

Five Days, Four Nights in Remote Desolation Canyon

If you’re looking to camp in one of the most desolate and remote areas in North America while camping under the stars. Our Desolation Canyon 5-day river trip is the best vacation to sit back and take in the amazing views with the darkest night skies. Just like our other multi-day rafting trips we provide all the camping gear you need, making your experience as comfortable as possible. You’ll be going to bed in “awe” with the amount of stars you’re able to see. This trip is the perfect family trip with the minimum age at five years old. What better way to experience camping in Moab, than a river trip with the entire family.

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Desolation Canyon Rafting

5 Day Desolation Canyon Rafting Adventure

Hands down one of the best family-friendly adventures in North America, or possibly on the planet. Multiple generations from age 5 to 85 will enjoy this rafting trip - as though Desolation... Learn About Desolation Canyon}

Glamping in Moab, Utah - Moab Under Canvas

Lastly, if you don’t have a whole week to get out on the river but still want to experience camping in Moab. Moab Under Canvas is the best route to go. This campsite has canvas tents with bathrooms and other amenities. Moab Under Canvas has multiple different tent options for all sizes of families, making this place ideal for those who are traveling far, but still want to camp. This destination is just north of Moab, right outside of town, making it more desolate than other camping spots in Moab. Just about 15 minutes away from Moab this puts it in the perfect location to hit everything on your bucket list but still experience camping in Moab.

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