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Discover Moab's Famous Trails in a Legendary Jeep Rubicon!

Moab Jeep Rubicon Rental Reviews Trip Reviews

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Amazing staff and service

Chris B

We went the night before to pick up our jeep just to see the sunset. We returned it the next night. It was such a wonderful experience to go on the back roads to the various trails. The staff was terrific in telling us about the different areas we should go to. They gave us a cooler filled with water. It was just wonderful - highly recommend them!


Highly recommended!

Bret T

One of the coolest things I've done with my teen boys. Hurrah Pass, Chicken Corners, and brand new Rubicon. Wendy and Zach were super helpful.


One of the best things to do in Moab!


Hired a pristine new Rubicon for a day trip to Gemini bridges and Shafer Trail. Started early in the morning and caught incredible early morning light / views and had plenty of time to complete the round trip including a diversion to Dead Horse Point overlook. There was absolutely no one on the trails the whole way and the jeep navigated everything incredibly even though there were some considerable water at points because of the heavy rains. As everyone else says here the staff are fantastic and everything is explained and plenty of information on the routes etc. One of the best things to do in Moab and thats a high bar!


All day fun!

Bill W

The best part was exploring places our normal vehicles would never be able to go. We asked for trail recommendations when we picked up and the staff gave us some good ones that kept us busy all day.


Amazing views


We rented a jeep and had a great day. They were very helpful with information and the jeep was well maintained and great condition. The Shafer Trail Rd in Canyonlands Park. Views are amazing.

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