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A Whole New Way to Float over Moab

Moab Hot Air Balloon Reviews Trip Reviews

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Experience of a Lifetime

Alan - CA

The balloon ride was an experience of a lifetime and a first for all 3 of us. (By the way we are all over 60) We met at 7AM and watched as the balloon was inflated. Lou, the pilot, along with 3 of the friendliest, most helpful and knowledgeable people explained to us what to expect, relaxed us in our apprehensions and shared their experience, confidence and joy in ballooning. The ride was smooth, peaceful, quiet (except when the burners were ignited, which was not often) and the sights over Canyonlands were exceptional. We landed smoothly after 1 ½ hours and almost 20 miles directly on a dirt road when our pickup car arrived 1 minute later. These guys know what they’re doing and it shows. The champagne at the end of the trip was great. Spend the money and take this trip, it is sooooooooooooooo worth it. A real 10 out of 10!


This Was One of the Most Amazing Things We’ve Ever Done.

William – CO

The balloon pilot was very experienced. This helped for a very smooth ride. We were celebrating our 35th anniversary and will always remember it because of our hot air balloon ride. We went to Moab with our MG car club and told all of the other members that if they ever wanted to go up in a hot air balloon ride they needed to do this one because the scenery was spectacular. Thank You!


Balloon Ride in Moab, Utah

John – Hanford, CA

I had the best time on the balloon ride. Everybody needs to do that at least once in their lifetime. The crew on the ride was so friendly. It was the best and I would gladly do it again. This was my first trip to Moab, Utah and I just loved it.

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