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The Best (My Favorite) Lunch, Dinner and Dessert Spots in Moab!

Brooke Williamson

For years my family has made Moab, Utah the focus of every Spring Break and now living in Moab, working at the Moab Adventure Center, I have collected a menu of my favorite dinner, lunch and dessert spots in Moab. Many of these places and dishes bring me memories, but I guarantee they are great plates no matter what adventures you've been having. Bon apetit!

Best Lunch Spots in Moab


If you’re looking for a little diversity in your meals, I recommend Arches Thai. It’s a great sit-down or take-out restaurant. I prefer to go for lunch, but it also makes an excellent spot for dinner.

CHICKEN SALAD - I recently ordered the chicken salad, and it was fantastic, from the presentation of the dinner to the last bite. I love how it was styled as a lettuce wrap rather than having the lettuce shredded throughout it. In this style, you could eat it like a giant wrap or cut up the lettuce and mix it in with the other greens and protein. The salad portions are just enough to make you feel full and refreshed. The food also comes with different spice levels, so if you like your dish with a little kick they have no shortage of heat.


Dining in Glorias not only provides you with delicious food but also an adorable dining experience. For me, a person who loves food, I thought the portions did a great job making you feel satisfied but want to come back for more. This place is a plus for pet owners because their outdoor seating area is pet friendly, so your four-legged friends can come to join you!

  • QUINOA SALAD - During my last trip to Glorias, I ordered the quinoa salad, which I highly recommend. It’s filled with fun bright veggies that leave you walking away feeling healthy and clean.
  • GLUTEN-FREE OPTIONS - This place is great if you have dietary restrictions because they offer gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options. My sister has celiac and can’t eat gluten, so I’m excited to take her here to eat when she visits. She’ll be able to have a real meal, without feeling like she’s restricted to the classic average Caesar salad. There is no shortage of food options from their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu offering gluten items, with at least a third of the menu offering items for all those with celiac.


I love the food truck park, it’s a fun place to hang out, eat lunch, and be outside with your friends and family. You are surrounded by several different options to choose from, so no matter what mood you’re in they’ll have something for you.

  • TACOS EL GORDO - I’m a big Mexican food fan, so my favorite food truck is Tacos El Gordo! Their tasty street tacos do the trick to fix a hangry mood. They are fresh, bite-sized, and make your taste buds very happy. You might have to make a couple of orders of their tacos, because just one helping might not be enough, especially after a day full of adventure. This is an active area, and a lot of people like to bring their dogs or come sit down for a bite after a bike ride or hike.


Milts has a special place in my heart, I love this restaurant. It’s located a little off Main street and in my opinion, is a hidden gem. I came here once after a long, packed day with adventure after adventure. We had done a big bike ride and a long hike in the scorching heat. I hadn’t had any real food that day, mostly snacks along the trails and by late afternoon I was getting hangry. By the time we had gotten back to the hotel, everyone was ravenous, and my dad recruited me to help get the food. When we got to Milt’s shack, I looked at the menu and everything looked so good!

  • FRIED BACON AND EGG CHEESEBURGER - No bike ride or hike that day could have been more challenging than restraining myself from eating the entire meal in the car back to the hotel. Once all the food was distributed, we all dug in like wolves, and I have never had a better burger in my life! It was delicious, it wasn’t too fancy or overdone, it was simple but satisfying.
  • SIDES & DESSERTS - We also got fries, tater tots, and onion rings on the side and by the end of the meal, there was not a crumb in sight. I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve never had a better meal and all the sides made it ten times better. I also recommend wrapping up the Milts experience with a milkshake. Chocolate is my go-to and it was the perfect end to a perfect meal.

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Best for Dinner & Desserts in Moab


Something for Everyone: For the past couple of years our family makes a trip down to Moab for spring break. After a full day of hiking, biking, and exploring the whole fam is whipped out, sunbaked, and ready for real food. Every year without fail one restaurant we never miss having a least one dinner at is the Moab Brewery. It’s perfect because it has something for everyone. From the little kids to the grandparents, there are plenty of options to choose from.

  • FISH ‘N’ CHIPS - One of my all-time favorites is the fish ‘n’ chips dish. It’s hand-battered with a rocket bike lager and comes with a side of fries and remoulade. This meal hits the spot pilled with four crispy beer battered fish strips underneath a pile of thick fries to keep you satisfied. It’s portioned perfectly to fill you up, without leaving you overstuffed but wanting to come back for more.
  • MOAB MONSTER - If you’re feeling like you’re ready to tackle a monster meal I recommend the Moab monster burger. This thing is intense, filling, and delicious, you’ll walk away feeling accomplished and full. In the Moab monster, you get mushrooms, onions, bacon, Jack Daniels BBQ, cheddar, johnny’s onion ring & dead horse Ale aioli. As far as burgers go, this one is the way to go, my whole family wants to try a bite when I order it. It also comes with a side of fries, but you must pace yourself and start slow, or else you could easily get full-on fries.
  • BEER BATTERED ONION RINGS - The onion rings at the brewery are a must on our family's order list. I recommend this side or appetizer to any onion ringer fan. These doughnut-sized rings have the perfect amount of crunch without being over-fried.
  • GELATO - On the way out the door, if you still have room left in your stomach you can grab a gelato. They have about 10-12 flavors and half of them are dairy-free, which is perfect for those who are lactose intolerant.


The Canyon Pizza Company is the go-to for a pizza party! Located right in the heart of Main street, it’s easy to access and delicious! They have nine-teen specialty pizzas to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down to just one favorite, so I’ll list my top three.

  • BUFFALO CHICKEN - The buffalo chicken is to die for, topped with a buffalo ranch, chicken, bacon bits, mozzarella cheese, and green onions. It was so tasty that having one slice isn’t possible.
  • GARDEN STYLE - The next top pizza is the garden style, packed with toppings, and full of flavor, especially from the artichokes.
  • THE RODEO - Lastly, the rodeo is a classic go-to. I love a good BBQ sauce and “the rodeo” delivers, topped with BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese, steak, bacon, cheddar cheese, and crunchy onions.
  • SIDES AND DESSERTS - You can’t do pizza without a side of breadsticks and luckily Canyon Pizza Company offers delicious garlic bread twists served with ranch or pizza sauce. I loved snacking on these twists because you can eat a fair amount and still have plenty of room for pizza!

The cinnamon twists are slightly addicting. You can’t just have one, these were a popular item at our pizza party and didn’t last long! The frosting dip that paired the twists added a sweet note to the end of the meal.


For those looking for hearty helpings and authentic Mexican food, my number one recommendation is Fiesta Mexicana. You won’t go hungry with any meals from here, their portions keep you full and you’ll likely have leftovers to look forward to the next day. They offer catering services as well as a sit-down style. The customer service was great, the staff was happy and upbeat making the restaurant a fun, entertaining environment.

  • ENCHILADAS - I had their enchiladas, and they did not disappoint. Their meat was full of flavor and savor and the salsa was fresh and tasty with a slight kick. I recommend getting the refried beans, always a favorite and fiesta Mexicana did a great job with theirs.


For all the frozen yogurt fans out there, MOYO (Moab frozen yogurt) is the way to go. However, they also have custard, gelato, smoothies, baked goods, and Italian ice! My personal favorite is their frozen yogurt, which you can get in a cone or a cup. My favorite is the waffle cone, which was delicious!


This is also a family favorite, located right in the middle of the liveliest part of Main street, you can line up outside their window for some yummy ice cream! I love this place because you get a large helping of ice cream for a great price! My top two favorites are superman and huckleberry in a waffle cone. I like going to the spoke because while you finish your ice cream after dinner, the evenings have cooled off a little and it’s fun to do some exploring on Main street while you finish your cone.

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Brooke Williamson
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