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Combine Luxury With Adventure
Westwater Multisport Red Cliffs Room

Red Cliffs Lodge Multi-Sport Vacation

A Westwater Canyon Multi-Sport vacation package includes three nights at Red Cliffs Lodge. While most expeditions offered by Western River are designed around multiple nights of camping under the desert night skies near the Colorado River, the Westwater Multi-Sport package is an exception. It's fitting, with an exceptional property and partner like Red Cliffs Lodge.

Enjoy charming rooms overlooking the Colorado River, equipped with a mini refrigerator, microwave and fully stocked dishes and dining tables (indoors, or out on the patio), and even luxurious robes to get you in the mood for relaxation. Those are a few nice perks after adventuring all day.

Westwater Canyon Red Cliffs Lodge

Red Cliffs Lodge

Red Cliffs Lodge is located 20 minutes up the Colorado River from Moab, Utah at the base of Castle Valley.

Westwater Canyon Red Cliffs Room

Kitchenette & Dining

A small fridge and microwave, and indoor/outdoor dining tables make the very most of this room with a view.

Westwater Canyon Red Cliffs Dining

Riverside Dining

The deck at the Cowboy Grill, overlooking the Colorado River with reflections of Castle Valley, makes for luxurious dining.

Westwater Canyon Red Cliffs Horses

Castle Valley

A touch of class in a harsh desert environment, Red Cliffs Winery is blessed to draw water from Castle Creek. The horses love it too!

Red Cliffs Lodge Vineyard

Castle Creek Winery

A touch of class in a harsh desert environment, Red Cliffs Winery is blessed to draw water from Castle Creek. The horses love it too!

Red Cliffs Lodge Amenities


From the exercise facilities, to the scenic pool surroundings, to the tennis courts, you can always find fun at Red Cliffs.

Red Cliffs Lodge  Movie Museum

Moab Movie Museum

There's a reason those cliffs and spires look so familiar! Red Cliffs Ranch property is home to many Hollywood classics.

Westwater Canyon Red Cliffs Horses

Horseback Riding

Optional horseback rides at Red Cliffs are available. Please contact us for suggested additions to your existing itinerary.

Westwater Canyon Multi-Sport

Get a preview of what to expect on a Westwater Canyon Multi-Sport Trip.

Dining Options on your Westwater Multi-Sport Trip

Plan for two dinners and one lunch at your own discretion during the package vacation. Keep in mind the mini-fridge and microwave in your room if you want to "eat in". Also mind the 20 minute drive to and from Moab as you plan your days.

Red Cliffs Lodge

You will receive vouchers for one dinner and three breakfasts upon check-in. Enjoy these meals with stunning views of Castle Valley and the Colorado River, from either the deck or in the dining area just inside.

Westwater Multisport Red Cliffs Dinner

Dining in Moab

A delightful variety of unique eateries is available in the little town of Moab, Utah. There are some franchises you may be familiar with, but check out our "Moab Insider's Guide" to get the best scoop.

Moab Vibe

Lunch on the River

One lunch is provided during your Westwater Canyon rafting trip. Snacks may also be provided throughout the day. Plan to spend the entire day on the river and on the shuttle.

Lunch Lady