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Moab 4x4 Hummer Tours

Access Moab’s spectacular backcountry in style and comfort aboard the world's most serious 4x4. Professional guides operate custom Hummer® vehicles with raised seating in the rear for optimum passenger viewing. Our Hummers® can climb to the top of seldom-seen, awe-inspiring Moab overlooks. Return with a new feeling of freedom and unforgettable memories. Choose from 2-hour, 4-hour, or sunset safaris.

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Moab Hummer Tours

Slickrock Safari Hummer Adventure

Discover the exhilaration of this incredible off-road excursion in the world's most serious 4x4.

  • Duration: Approximately 2 hrs
  • Departure Times: 7:30 AM, 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM
  • Season: February-November
ADULT (13+)
YOUTH (3-12)
Sunset Hummer Safari

Sunset Safari Hummer Tour

Relish the ideal time of day for the perfect off-road adventure. Enjoy some light snacks as the desert sun paints the evening sky.

  • Duration: Approximately 3 hrs
  • Departure Times: Times vary depending on sunset.
  • Season: February - November
ADULT (13+)
YOUTH (3-12)
Hummers playing on the Sand Flats Recreation area

Grand Safari Hummer Adventure

Further explore the breathtaking back country of Moab with vistas of towering redrock fins, astounding overlooks and more.

  • Duration: Approximately 4 hrs
  • Departure Times: 7:00 AM (June-August), 11:00 AM (Spring/Fall)
  • Season: February - November
ADULT (13+)
YOUTH (3-12)
Hummers in Moab

Humvees and Slickrock

1983 is the year the "Humvee", or "High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles" were put into production - and 9 years later released to the public as "The Hummer". During that time the economy of Moab, Utah transitioned from busted uranium mining to bustling recreational tourism. You might say it was a different kind of rock that attracted the new crowd: Slickrock.

Slickrock, slippery to a horse's hooves, was found to be exceptionally "grippy" for rubber tires. First it was the "Fat Tires" of motorbikes & new-fangled mountain bikes, then the Hummer, and now all sorts of 4-wheeled "rock crawlers".

Moab Hummer Tours
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Moab-More than just Hummer Tours

Sun DividerFree Insiders Guide to Moab, UT

What to take, where to eat, where to stay, what to do, and a few little secrets on the side. Not unlike your own personal Jiminy Cricket, (minus the worries of the little guy getting smooshed) the Moab Insiders Guide will provide you with all the essentials for a perfect Moab experience.

Moab Insders Guide