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Adventures in Moab

My husband and three sons and I

Rating: 5

My husband and three sons and I just did an overnight Colorado River camping/rafting trip in Moab, Utah.  The rafting guides had the right mix of crazy fun but control to keep all three of our kids (ages 6, 7 and 9) entertained for the entire trip. My husband and I got to enjoy some … Continued

Rafting Utah Vacations

Rating: 5

It was so easy to make our reservation for the Westwater Canyon River Adventure.  I felt they communicated with me before the trip about what I needed to bring and what to expect.  The guides were absolutely excellent.  Jace, Joel and Luke.  

Excellent Moab Rafting Trips

Rating: 5

The guides all had excellent people skills. They were very solictous of the folks on the trip. We thought hitting "Sock-It-To-Me" rapid on Westwater Canyon and getting dumped in the river was pretty darn exciting. Thanks Brad!! Thought Lane did a fantastic job too.

Hummer Fun in Moab

Rating: 5

We made reservations for the Hummer Slickrock Safari over the phone months ago.  The woman I spoke to was very nice and helpful!!  We loved the package with the DVD that you sent us in the mail before our trip.  Our guide, Chris was great.  The kids had a great time.  It was the highlight … Continued

“When the Cactus is in Bloom”

"Rattlesnakes rattle at the prairie dogs, You can hear that mournful tune, Cause it’s round-up time a-way out west, When the cactus is in bloom." And so goes the old Jimmie Rodgers tune from the 1920’s. It may not be round-up time in Moab, Utah but the cactus is certainly in bloom. Late May and … Continued

Got a dog? Where to go hiking in Moab…

Have I ever mentioned my love for Moab? Well, I love Moab even more when I have my dog with me. His name’s Cowboy and we’ve been a pair for almost three years now. We spend alot of time exploring the area. Here are a few of the places we like: Corona Arch: This trail is … Continued

Great Blue – River Icon

Standing about 4 ft. tall with a wingspan of 6 ft., the Great Blue Heron is an easily seen and recognizable bird along the Colorado or Green River corridors. They are often seen standing in shallow water along the river shore just waiting. Waiting for a meal, fish or some other river denizen, to swim … Continued